Brick cleaning Restoration

Clean and protect your brickwork with innovative and industry leading chemicals.

Resin Bonded Driveways

Quality pointing can restore dirty or traffic stained brickwork to its original, perfect finish which we are sure will exceed all your expectations.

We have a experience with a range of acids and alkali mixtures which we have come to recognise are more effective on different kinds of stain, mortar stain, poor pointing which has stained the brick can be removed and we guarantee the results.

Protect your brickwork with silicone based treatments that are completely invisible and will prevent water damage in high exposure areas.

Quality pointing use the latest technology and mix it with traditional methods to produce an efficient, environmentally friendly brick cleaning and protection service.

Brick cleaning methods

  • Steam brick cleaning
  • Sodablasting
  • Vortex brick cleaning

Brick Cleaning Techniques

Steam Brick Cleaning

To perform steam brick cleaning, we use the DOFF system. The high temperature of superheated water removes algae, moss, fungi and other biological matter. The pressure of the steam is low, so there is no damage to the substrate. The temperature also kills spores. As a result, there is no need to use chemicals for protection against the further biological activity. The steam system is also perfect for removing paint from brick.


Can be completed through wet or dry cleaning. Hence this allows us to use this technique inside and outside of the property. Blasting soda is an extremely brittle material that undergoes micro fragmentation on impact. It’s exploding away surface materials; however, it does not cause any damage to the substrate. We use a sodablasting technique for a masonry restoration to clean dirt and grease of brick.

Vortex Brick Cleaning

Most often, we use it for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as natural stone, faience or terracotta. This technique uses different fine blasting materials as stone powder, calcite, olivine. Surfaces type determines which blasting material we use.

Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love my pointed brickwork. Thank you for an amazing job from start to finish. Not only does my home look great but it’s also increased the value.

Joanne Alderley Edge

You’ve done an excellent job on my house. The new pointing looks amazing. Thank you and I will recommend you to my friends.

Brian Wilmslow

My husband and I are very pleased with the work you carried out to our house. We had several quotes done for repointing, but you were the only one who took the time to discuss why we wanted it doing and what was appropriate for the problems we were having. You did a bang up job despite the awful weather and we'd be more than happy to use you again or recommend you to others.

Rebecca Tameside